The Storytellers

EP3 : The Officer Who Hanged Ajmal Kasab

2023 • 12M • 1 Season • Lifestyle

Feel-good • Informative

Meeran Chadha Borwankar was Maharashtra's first woman commissioner and first woman Director General of Prisons. In her eventful career, she handled numerous sensitive cases including the prosecution of Ajmal Kasab and Yakub Memon. Her new book, Madam Commissioner, is a riveting account of her journey.

Season 1

1. Talking books with Amitabh Kant
Episode 1 | 12min
2. From America to Manipur, opium is everywhere: Amitav Ghosh
Episode 2 | 13min
3. The Officer Who Hanged Ajmal Kasab
Episode 3 | 12min
4. The Pranab Diaries: Manmohan’s Balochistan Blunder
Episode 4 | 16min
5. Lakshmi Murdeshwar Puri: Woman of Letters
Episode 5 | 9min
6. Who’ll Win 2024?
Episode 6 | 11min