This is Me

EP1 : Who am I?

2024 • 31M • 1 Season • Lifestyle • International

Emotional • Mental Health • Sexual Content

Episode 1 introduces key LGBTQI+ figures and sets the stage for their stories. It explores gender fluidity, backed by personal anecdotes and explanations from experts, emphasizing the existence of Multiple Genders and the differentiation between Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. Individuals share their early realizations and coming-out experiences in a diverse display of Sexual Orientations beyond the binary. Significant emphasis is laid on the subject of gender roles, and societal pressures faced by those defying traditional norms. Ultimately, a question mark is placed on society's perception of 'Normal' gender identities and sexual orientations, prompting viewers to reconsider these constructs.

Season 1

1. Who am I?
Episode 1 | 31min
2. On Gender and Sexuality
Episode 2 | 30min
3. Legacy, Atrocity and Acceptance
Episode 3 | 29min
4. Pride and Predicament
Episode 4 | 29min
5. The Triumph
Episode 5 | 28min