Around The World Feb '13 Week 3

2023 • 1 Season • International


1 week to go for one year of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Russia has lost 40-50% of its tanks & Wagner mercenary group is on its way out of the frontlines. New Zealand stuck in Climate ‘Doom Loop' of cyclones and storms. Scotland's leader Nicola Sturgeon resigns suddenly, citing 'exhaustion' like former NZ PM Jacinda Ardern. Thousands of people exposed to poisonous gases after Ohio train crash. Oldest Hebrew Bible on auction, could be sold for $50 mn. 5000-Year old Pub unearthed in Iraq. US says the shot down UFOs may be benign, in an embarrassment for the White House. Valentine's celebrations across the world. Rare and unseen footage of Titanic's wreckage. UNESCO recognises North Korea’s 'cold noodles', gives it cultural heritage status.

Season 1

1. 13-02-2023: Around The World
Episode 1 | 11min
2. 14-02-2023: Around The World
Episode 2 | 11min
3. 15-02-2023: Around The World
Episode 3 | 10min
4. 16-02-2023: Around The World
Episode 4 | 12min
5. 17-02-2023: Around The World
Episode 5 | 12min