Duologue with Barun Das

2023 • 1 Season • National

Exciting • Informative

Duologue with Barun Das is a cerebral conversation with legends or legends in the making. Unlike a traditional interview, Duologue is an exchange of ideas, theories, and philosophies that define the life and times of those who occupy centerstage in this unscripted chat show. Miss it at your own peril!

Season 1

1. Duologue with Barun Das featuring Dr Devi Shetty
Episode 1 | 45M
2. India's World with Barun Das featuring Sudha Murty & Nr Narayana Murthy
Episode 2 | 44min
3. Complexity To Clarity with Barun Das featuring Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
Episode 3 | 44min
4. Lessons in Leadership with Barun Das Featuring Mithali Raj
Episode 4 | 44min
5. An Enduring Enigma with Barun Das featuring Dr Subhash Chandra
Episode 5 | 39min
6. Frankly Speaking, Finally with Barun Das featuring Arnab Goswami
Episode 6 | 43min
8. Indophile with Barun Das Featuring David Cameron
Episode 8 | 34min
8. Born Telugu, Ruling India Feat. Vijay Deverakonda
Episode 8 | 34min