Duologue with Barun Das featuring Sudha Murty & Nr Narayana Murthy

2023 • 1 Season • Business

Exciting • Informative

Corporate India's first couple - Sudha Murty and NR Narayana Murthy share life lessons on Duologue with Barun Das. The trio engage in the most spellbinding conversation that traverses India's economic leadership in the world, untold stories of Infosys' formative days, and why Sudha Murty (formerly Sudha Kulkarni) - a more qualified engineer - chose motherhood over the corner office.

Season 1

1. India's World
Episode 1 | 25M
2. Man, Woman, and Infosys
Episode 2 | 25min
3. The Startup Dilemma
Episode 3 | 14min