Guns of India

2023 • 1 Season • Defence

War & Conflict • Informative • Patriotic

Guns have been decisive factors in the history of the Indian subcontinent. They were used by the Mughals against the Delhi Sultanate, by Ahmed Shah Abdali against the Marathas. The East India Company used rifles and artillery to conquer India. The development of a dynamic arms industry is therefore critical to India's rise as a global superpower. However even after 70 years of independence, India did not possess an indigenous military complex industry making it vulnerable to the whims of foreign powers. This is set to change with India's thrust on defence indigenisation. In Guns of India, we look at the guns being developed by Atma Nirbhar Bharat.

Season 1

1. Enter The JVPC
Episode 1 | 7min
2. The Hybrid Battle Carbine
Episode 2 | 8min
3. The LMG Evolved
Episode 3 | 7min