The Entrepreneur – Level Next

2024 • 1 Season • Business


‘The Entrepreneur – Level Next’ delves into exploring the resilience of startups amid a challenging 2023 for India’s entrepreneurial landscape. The era of abundant funding is fading, replaced by the impact of global inflation and rising interest rates. The influx of easy money into startups has diminished as investors shift their focus to US treasury bonds. But some startups have bucked the trend and emerged as winners by scaling up amid turbulent times.

Season 1

1. The Leveller: Pocket FM
Episode 1 | 11M
2. The Moonwalker: Skyroot Aerospace
Episode 2 | 11min
3. The Challenger: Blu Smart
Episode 3 | 9min
4. The Innovator: No Broker
Episode 4 | 10min