The Storytellers

2023 • 1 Season • Lifestyle

Feel-good • Informative

Let's take you into the world of words and wordsmiths. In a world where attention spans are shrinking, News9 Plus launches a show on books in which the spotlight is on the story as well as those creating it.

Season 1

1. Talking books with Amitabh Kant
Episode 1 | 12min
2. From America to Manipur, opium is everywhere: Amitav Ghosh
Episode 2 | 13min
3. The Officer Who Hanged Ajmal Kasab
Episode 3 | 12min
4. The Pranab Diaries: Manmohan’s Balochistan Blunder
Episode 4 | 16min
5. Lakshmi Murdeshwar Puri: Woman of Letters
Episode 5 | 9min