This is Me

2024 • 1 Season • Lifestyle • International

Emotional • Mental Health • Sexual Content

The difference between gender and sex, the existence of the third gender, and the understanding of Sexual Orientation and gender identity as a spectrum - these are some of the topics that 'This Is Me' aims to throw light on. 'This Is Me' aims to redefine societal perspectives on the LGBTQ community by dispelling myths through scientific, cultural, and historical lenses. Embracing a global perspective, the series features insights and expertise from a diverse spectrum, including international experts, medical professionals, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as legal and academic experts.

Season 1

1. Who am I?
Episode 1 | 31min
2. On Gender and Sexuality
Episode 2 | 30min
3. Legacy, Atrocity and Acceptance
Episode 3 | 29min
4. Pride and Predicament
Episode 4 | 29min
5. The Triumph
Episode 5 | 28min